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Brief Introduction To The Optimization Design Of Optical Lens

Danyang Youjie Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 21, 2017

              The optimized design of optical lens is a textbook for the beginners of optics lens, a total of 5 chapters: An overview of the optimal design of optical lenses, simple optical lens optimization design examples, the three-shot lens optimization design examples, the optimization of the design examples and the optimal design examples.Optical Lenses

              The book contains 6 appendices: The primary aberration coefficient, the primary aberration coefficient of the parallel plate, the PW expression of the primary aberration coefficient of the thin lens, the solution step of the double thin lens, the optical design program used in the optimization design of the optical lens in the book OSLOLT5. The meaning of partial aberration in 4 (OSLOEDU6.4.5); Double-thin lens P0, Q0 table. The book introduces the optimization design of more than 10 optical lenses, the lens is not classified according to the usual categories of use, but according to their structure from simple to complex order to introduce the optimization design process, so that the optimization of the design process of the introduction of the human body in accordance with the order of easy to difficult. In contrast to the traditional books about optical lens design, each of the optimized design examples described in the book contains detailed optimization design processes that can be reproduced.Optical Lenses

              The optimal design of optical lens is applicable to the engineering technicians who are familiar with the theory of primary aberration, such as optics engineering, measurement and control technology and instrument as well as the teachers and students in the mechanical and electrical majors.Optical Lenses

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