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Introduces the raw material(HSS)

Danyang Youjie Tools Co.,Ltd | Updated: Mar 25, 2016





Compared with another main material cutting tools intered carbide ,high speed steel has the following advantages:


(1) Making cutting tool manufacturing technology more simple and convenient .It can be easily machined which is very useful for manufacturing cutting tools of complicated shape.Users can re-forge raw material of high speed tool steel to change its shape and size.


(2) Making sharpening cutting edges convenient .It can grind very sharp cutting edges not always by using super-hard CBN wheels.


(3) It can obtain good wearing resistance of a little high hardness .It can reach 61-70 HRC according to different grades of high speed steel and can keep high hot hardness under 560℃.


(4) Its bending resistance and impact toughness are much higher than carbide .Owing to its good toughness ,high speed steel is suitable for marking discontinuous cutting tools with impact loads.


(5) It can be used for high-speed cutting ,generally it can reach speed of 30m/min.High speed tool steel gear hob can reach a hobbing speed of 100m/min under the correct shift of hob from cutting area.



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